ROCKY MOUNT, N.C. (WNCN) — The 82-year-old victim in a Rocky Mount pit bull attack is sharing his story with CBS 17.

Bobby Joyner returned home on Monday, a little more than 24 hours after his next-door neighbor’s 100-pound pit bull attacked him, his 78-year-old wife, Ann, and an animal control officer.

CBS 17 spoke with Joyner within an hour of his return home from the hospital.

“I heard my wife hollerin’, so I looked out and the dog had… [Ann] was laying on the ground, and he had already chewed on her foot. It was just terrible,” he explained.

Monday, Joyner shook his head and stared down at both of his hands, covered in bandages.

“[The dog] broke the tendons in his hand and then opened up the joint. They had to do surgery to repair that. He’s got some good bites here too, puncture wounds,” added Joyners’ daughter, Melissa.

Ann Joyner is still in the hospital. Doctors had to amputate her foot and are preparing to do skin grafts on other injuries from Sunday’s attack.

Ann and Bobby Joyner while they were both in the hospital.

The attack happened within feet of Joyner’s home, as she made her way over to help her next-door neighbor.

Julie Proctor has lived in the home just feet away from the Joyners since she was 8 years old.

She told CBS 17 the 100-pound pit bull, named Cosmo, was her grandson’s.

She often takes care of the dog.

“I’ve had nightmares all night. I haven’t slept because I witnessed the whole attack,” Proctor said.

Proctor said Cosmo was tied up to a tire with a cord, before she claimed the dog got loose and attacked the Joyners.

“I screamed, I screamed, I screamed until her husband came out, and then [Cosmo] started on him,” Proctor said.

She explained she was extra careful with the dog, having her son’s two dogs enclosed in a nearby fence.

Proctor admitted to CBS 17 she was visited by Rocky Mount Animal Control before.

She also shared that she was aware Cosmo had chased a woman walking with her grandchild in the neighborhood in the past.

“I wish nothing had happened,” Proctor said.

She, and a neighbor, called 911.

Investigators said an animal control officer was bitten in the thigh by the pit bull and fired her weapon at the dog twice. She was released from the hospital later on Sunday.

The pit bull has since been euthanized.

In video obtained by CBS17, Cosmo is seen running around, evading several officers.

Joyner said Cosmo was never secured.

“Was he tied up or anything?” asked CBS 17.

Joyner shook his head. “No, he wouldn’t have gotten to her.”

He added that he had been concerned with the dog’s aggressive behavior and had spoken to Proctor about it before. Joyner said Proctor said she was unable to do anything, since it was her grandson’s dog.

As the Joyners begin a long road to recovery, they told CBS17 they don’t blame Proctor, but they are asking for prayers and for people to be responsible with their animals.

“If you have a dog like that, recognize they are an animal and treat them kindly, because if they attack someone it could be very dangerous,” said Melissa Joyner. “We’re lucky my mom and dad are alive honestly.”

Proctor has been cited for violating a city ordinance for an at-large/unrestrained animal.