Woman was beaten, robbed and left for dead in Hoke County, she says

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LAURINBURG, N.C. (WNCN) – One woman was arrested and investigators still looking for others after one woman was beaten unconscious and left for dead in Hoke County. 

Alicia Jones has only been out of the hospital a couple of days.  

Her face and eyes are still swollen and her hair is gone after she says a night out drinking with friends turned into an attack.

“I was beat – beat and kicked and stomped, my hair snatched out. They took my jewelry, my bank card, my house and car keys, even took my shoes, I was beat like a dog, like I was just left there to die,” said Jones. 

She says it all happened after she and her friends went from her place in Scotland County to a night club in South Carolina. 

One of her friends was driving. 

She says she and the driver got into a fight and that’s when she was knocked unconscious, put back in the car, and driven back into Raeford.

She says she was taken to a dirt road in Raeford where a group of people took everything she had and beat her for an hour straight.

“They dragged me like I was a little rag doll, snatched my hair out from the roots, and then had the nerve to stand over me and take a picture,” said Jones.

But she tells CBS 17 she wanted people to see what they had done and posted her own pictures of herself in the hospital.

The pictures are now going viral as investigators try to find who did this. 

So far, Hoke County investigators have made one arrest – Ashia Byrant.

The same one who Alicia Jones says was driving the night she was beaten and left for dead. 

“That’s the good thing about it, I survived,” said Jones. 

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