RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – In April 2020, Kevin Miller and Jordan Bowman convinced enough people to pledge $18,400 from the COVID-19 stimulus checks to people in need.

Now that number sits at $260,000.

“People want some good news right now, and they also want an outlet. They want a way to do something or feel like something is being done, and I feel like it’s just spreading,” Miller said.

“Pledge My Check” has no middle man. People make the pledge, then donate the money directly to who they want it to go to.

Bowman and Miller are only targeting those who truly don’t feel they need all or part of their stimulus check. With this new round of relief ahead, people are giving again. “Pledge My Check” is based in the Triangle, but donors have come from all over the country.

“And politically, there is this kind of push where people are saying people who don’t need it are giving the check and we don’t see that as problem as much as we see that as an opportunity to basically invest that money in your community,” Bowman said.

Miller added: “Those are the folks that we’re hoping will be inspired to maybe pass the check onto a neighbor or an organization they care about, that they know maybe lost their job or maybe isn’t getting the donations they used to get because of where the economy is at.”



The two said that part of what makes it work is being able to do it anonymously.

“There’s a lot more need for counselors and one person said, ‘hey, I’m going to find the five social workers that I know and I’m each going to give them a hundred bucks.’ And that story is just amazing to me because we are able to come together and help each other during this pandemic,” Bowman said.

That’s especially true when considering how long the crisis has lasted. It’s proof that there are still plenty of people doing good things.