Bombshell Beer Company is NC’s first all female-owned brewery

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HOLLY SPRINGS, N.C. (WNCN) – Tired of corporate careers in healthcare, telecommunications, and banking – three women wanted a different brew of sorts.

It’s an idea that came to them during a conversation on the golf course.

Jackie Hudpseth, Ellen Joyner and Michelle Mimiutti

Jackie Hudpseth, Ellen Joyner and Michelle Mimiutti decided to open their own brewery.

When they made that decision – less than two percent of breweries in the country were owned by women. And none of those were in North Carolina.

They were the first on tap in the state to be all-female fully owned and operated.

Six years ago, they opened Bombshell Beer Company and it continues to grow.

“Now we can put it in cans and give that customer that might be in a more remote location the opportunity to drink our beer,” said Mimiutti as she showed off the latest equipment.  

Bombshell has won medals before but a bronze win at the Great American Beer Fest tops them all.

 “That is the elite. That is where you want to win a medal,” said Hudspeth. 

Lady in Red, one of their premier beers, is aged in barrels that once stored bourbon.  

It helps set Bombshell apart.

While it’s a competitive business, they only encourage other women to do the same.  

Just make sure you love it.

But, it’s clearly “work” that brings them happiness. Which should always be part of the recipe for a good brew.

“All of us grew up with fathers that said you can do whatever you want. Don’t think of it as being female or male.  If you want to do something you do it,” said Jackie Hudspeth.

They all said they look forward to coming to work everyday.

“If that’s what your passion is you’ve got to love what you do and if you don’t you’re not in the right industry,” said Hudspeth.

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