NCGOP delegate supports Trump’s decision to move RNC from Charlotte

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WNCN) – The location for the 2020 Republican National Convention is still up in the air after President Donald Trump said on Twitter that the GOP was pulling the convention from Charlotte.

Trump and GOP leaders wanted a full convention in Charlotte. Gov. Roy Cooper said he couldn’t guarantee that due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Zan Bunn was a 2016 Republican National Convention delegate in Cleveland. She will also serve as a delegate for the 2020 convention.

“It’s very exciting,” Bunn said. “It’s a high honor, a great honor, and a great privilege to be elected as a delegate and to attend and serve representing your district and your state on the behalf of your party.”

The chair or North Carolina’s second congressional district said she’ll be disappointed if the convention can’t be held in Charlotte, but stands by Trump’s stance to move it.

“If we cannot have a full convention and conduct the festivities in the business as it was intended and as the president desires, then I know a lot of delegates join me in thinking it would be better for us to be in a place where we can,” Bunn said.

Bunn added that recent protests across the state only prove her point.

“If individuals in large crowds are allowed to protest, we should be able to convention. And I think all of my fellow delegates would join me in agreeing on that.”

She also believes the convention should be held as the party sees fit. Bunn said there are several states to the south of North Carolina that are prepared to allow the event.

“If someone is physically unable or if they are physically challenged, then they should exercise their ability to attend or not attend. Everyone should be free to decide, but that is why we have delegates and alternates. North Carolina was very eager to welcome the world to Charlotte, just as Cleveland in 2016,” Bunn said.

“It will be a big disappointment if we are not able to be in Charlotte, but I do not believe that any delegate is willing to be held hostage by Roy Cooper any longer.”

Cooper sent a letter back to RNC officials on Tuesday.

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