RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — More than 900 people have been killed after Hama’s unprecedented attacks in Israel, including American citizens.

The impacts of the horrifying events are hitting many families in the Triangle. 

Several families in the area have children who currently serve in the Israel Defense Forces. 

CBS17 spoke with one Raleigh family whose 20-year-old daughter who’s been with the army for two years.

She’s what’s considered a “lone soldier:” a non-Israeli, with no direct family members in the country, who volunteered to join the army.

Many of these lone soldiers range in age from 18-22 years old.

“I think the reason is so different for most people. But I think the uniting reason is this deep belief in Israel and having the Jewish state,” said Linda Mildwurf, the soldier’s mother. 

For safety reasons, her daughter’s name and image are not being used. 

“Go to a shelter” and “I love you so very much” are just some of the texts Linda and Bruce Mildwurf have been sending to their daughter in Israel for the past three days. 

“People will ask, ‘is your daughter safe?’ The bottom line is, no one is safe,” said the girl’s father. 

Rocket alerts and late-night check-ins are now the reality for the Raleigh family. 

The Mildwurf’s daughter was not on base when Hamas launched an unprecedented attack, by air and by land, against Israel.

“It’s agony, you know, as parents, we want to protect our children. That’s what we do. And we’re not able to do that,” said Linda Mildwurf.

“She’s scared but staying strong. She’s sad. She knows people who have been killed. She’s angry that this could even happen,” added her husband.

They’re scared too, watching the horrifying events unfold, as men, women, and children are killed. 

“It’s more horrifying than we even realize,” said Mildurf. 

The family is praying for peace, and to be able to see their daughter, soon.

“We’re going back. I need to hold my daughter. I need to hold her,” said the girl’s mother.

“We want peace, but it’s hard to have peace with a government that will not acknowledge your right to exist,” said Bruce Mildwurf. “

Reports indicate there are about 300,000 IDF reservists who’ve been called up to help protect Israel.

That number includes many Americans who served in the Israel Defense Forces and even some people in the Triangle.