CLINTON, N.C. (WNCN) — A man has been indicted for murder related to a 2012 cold case in Sampson County.

Officials said Glen Allen Stewart, Jr. was “served with an Order for Arrest for Murder” related to the 2012 murder of Kim Douglas Mckoy, Jr.

McKoy’s body was found in 2012 on Brewer Road in Sampson County, according to officials.

Officials said McKoy died from a gunshot wound, and this was investigated until “all leads had been exhausted.

Stewart, Jr. was identified as a person of interest during the investigation, but officials said there was not enough evidence at the time to proceed with charges.

Officials continued to look for more evidence.

In September 2021, the evidence was reviewed, and the District Attorney said there was enough evidence “against Glen Allen Stewart, Jr. for the murder of McKoy to present an indictment to the Sampson County Grand Jury,” according to a release.

This case went to the Grand Jury in October, and a true bill of indictment against Stewart was returned, officials said.

Stewart was served with the Order for Arrest for Murder and was issued a $500,000 bond and ordered to “electronic house arrest in the event bail is posted,” officials stated in a release.

Stewart is currently in Federal prison for unrelated charges.