May 2: Unseasonably Warm Weather Continues



The unseasonably warm weather continues today, and it will continue through the end of the week! Temperatures started off in the 50s this morning, which is almost exactly average for early May — but the early sunshine and a stronger southwesterly breeze will warm us all the way up to the mid 80s this afternoon:That’s about ten degrees above normal, but record highs this time of year are in the low to mid 90s, so those records will remain out of reach.

With mostly clear skies tonight, temperatures will drop off pretty quickly after sunset, reaching the mid to upper 50s by early Wednesday morning:

The warm spell will continue tomorrow and Friday, despite a few fair-weather clouds on Thursday and a gradual increase in cloud cover on Friday…but any rain chances should hold off until the weekend:Right now it looks like the best chance of showers and a few storms will line up for Saturday night and Sunday, but even those time frames won’t be a washout. We’ll get a look at some short-range model data tomorrow, to try to pin down the timing more specifically. In the meantime, don’t cancel any outdoor plans this weekend — just be flexible, and have an indoor “just in case” alternative in mind.


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