RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Former North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory said he does not need former President Donald Trump’s help.

When asked if he won the upcoming Republican primary whether McCrory would accept a Trump endorsement he said, “I haven’t relied on any endorsements. I run on my own record of achievement and accomplishment. I have always believed anyone who needs endorsements to win is a weak candidate because they can’t run on their own record of accomplishment.”

With that endorsement recently taking stage at a recent Fayetteville campaign rally, Budd continues to hammer McCrory in ad after ad.

Budd has managed to lead the polls without debating and not making himself available for interviews with the media.

“Ted Budd is firmly bought and paid for and he’s in hiding letting someone else speak for him and sadly it’s a disappointment in our politics of today,” McCrory said.

McCrory said some $15 million has been spent on Budd’s campaign by outside interest groups including the super PAC Club for Growth Action.

This week, McCrory released a new ad in response called “Cut the Crap” that shows a wheelbarrow of the main word in the title.

“The concept is a lot of people are reading or seeing these multi-million dollar campaign ads that are deceitful, they’re negative they don’t show where Ted Budd stands and they’re trying to buy the North Carolina election,” said McCrory.

When asked whether he would accept the same source of funding, McCrory said, “we need to send a strong message that the North Carolina U.S. Senate seat is not for sale and neither am I.”

CBS 17 reached out to Budd’s campaign for a comment on McCrory’s statement saying “Ted Budd is firmly bought and paid for.”

Jonathan Felts, senior advisor for Budd’s campaign, provided the following statement:

Ted Budd’s top priority with any legislation is very simple, what’s best for the working families of North Carolina? Ted Budd has earned the support of a broad coalition or NC Republicans, President Donald Trump, and conservative organizations who support more and better jobs for North Carolinians.

Ted appreciates their support and looks forward to building on that support as he visits all 100 counties to look North Carolina voters in the eye and ask for their support.

Jonathan Felts, Sr. Advisor, Ted Budd for U.S. Senate