WAKE FOREST, N.C. (WNCN) —  Governor Pat McCrory is facing criticism for taking part in a town hall on Monday in which some people who showed up didn’t get to ask anything.

During the event in Wake Forest  Monday night, some people wanted to ask him about things like House Bill 2 and the coal ash issue, but did not get a chance.

Before the event, the Wake Forest Area Chamber of Commerce said the governor would answer some questions submitted in advance.

But, some attendees left feeling like they were ignored.

Ann Welton, who’s head of the Wake Forest Area Chamber of Commerce, moderated the town hall.

She asked about the state’s response to Hurricane Matthew.

“This has been one of the worst disasters in North Carolina history,” McCrory said.

Health care also came up, with recent news of massive price hikes on plans under the Affordable Care Act also known as Obamacare.

“It’s going to be a terrible, terrible impact,” McCrory said.

But, more controversial things like House Bill 2 never came up  and there was no immediate opportunity for anyone in the audience to ask.

Welton says she was concerned about how much time the governor had.

“We knew that the governor was coming in late and having to leave early, and I felt like as the chamber it was better to cover some high-level topics and get his thoughts on those so we didn’t get stuck on one particular topic,” Welton said.

Amy Brown wanted to ask about coal ash.

She lives south of Charlotte near a Duke Energy plant and has been living on bottled water for 18 months.

“I need a governor who will run to the problem and not away from it,” said Brown, who lives in Belmont.

Just before the town hall, the governor held a press conference updating people on the situation involving the Colonial Pipeline explosion and potential impacts on the fuel supply in the state.

He did not take questions from reporters after the town hall.