LOS ANGELES (NEXSTAR) – Planning a Super Bowl is no easy task. In fact, the preparations for the big game usually begin a whole two years before.

When you think about all it takes to put on an event like the Super Bowl, it’s a massive undertaking. However, you may be surprised to learn it’s actually one person who oversees the entire process of planning and preparing for the Super Bowl, and she is quite the boss.

“Over those last nine, obviously, I’ve learned so much about all the different parts and pieces that go into a Super Bowl,” Katie Keenan told Nexstar.

Keenan is gearing up for her 10th straight Super Bowl, but this time her role is a tad bit bigger: she’s the NFL’s senior director of operations.

“It’s a privilege, honestly. I think I’ve been around some really amazing people in my career who have supported me, both men and women,” Keenan said. “I feel like you have to push a little harder and work a little harder, but it’s all worth it.”

There was no shortage of challenges while planning Super Bowl LVI. Besides dealing with COVID-19 protocols, coordinating the event in a brand new facility wasn’t easy.

“It’s been an amazing challenge,” Keenan said. “It’s really made us think outside the box, but we certainly have spent a ton of time here over the last six months.”

With the planning and preparing in the rearview mirror, Keenan is making sure to take a moment to soak it all in.

“You really have to take a minute to take it all in and with the NFC Championship this year, it’s been quite a crunch to get everything done, but try to remind everyone to take it all in,” she said.

It really is an around-the-clock job doing what Keenan does. In fact, she said they already have begun preparing not only Super Bowl LVII in Arizona, but another year ahead to Las Vegas in 2024.