Mom finds nasty note about son with autism

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NORTH MUSKEGON, Mich (WOOD) – After an afternoon of shopping with her son, one mom found a nasty note about his loud noises in her cart. Little did the anonymous author know – her son has autism.

She reached out to 24 Hour News 8 in hopes of educating people.

Six-year-old Granderson is an expert on everything fire alarms – makes, models and their noises. His mom, Brittany Miller, says he often imitates their noise when he sees one or as a coping mechanism if there’s a lot of other noise around him.

Like many people with autism, Granderson becomes passionate about something and focuses on learning as much as possible.

“It becomes his number one goal to know everything about it. It’s a totally different way of learning but he’s fully capable of learning that and so much more,” Miller told 24 Hour News 8.

While shopping in Meijer Wednesday, Granderson was imitating a fire alarm.

Miller doesn’t believe he was being overly loud, but someone thought those sounds justified a note slipped into her cart that read, “Buy that kid a muzzle!!”

“I turn around and I’m talking to my son. I was helping him fix his shoe. I turn back around and there’s a note on top of my bags,” Miller explained.

Miller has no idea who wrote it, but wishes they had stopped to talk to her instead.

“I don’t know an Autism mom who doesn’t want to raise awareness so we’re more than happy to take three minutes out of our day to explain just a little bit,” Miller added.

Because she couldn’t introduce her smart son to the note’s author, she hopes going public serves as a lesson.

“I hope the next time [they] encounter a child that’s different, I hope [they] take into consideration that [they] don’t know anything about this person and they don’t have to be different on the outside to be different on the inside.”

Miller added Granderson is excited to dress as a fire alarm for Halloween.

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