LUBBOCK, TX (KLBK) — A 29-year-old man has been charged with sexually assaulting a child after the girl’s mother caught him in bed with her in August, police said.

The arrest of Orlando Delmer-Ortiz came after Lubbock police were called to a home in reference to a “domestic situation.”

An arrest warrant said, “The 911 call started with [a woman] yelling out, ‘What are you doing to her?’”

The 911 caller said, “I just found my man huh [sic] whoever lives with me naked in the bed with my daughter.”

“Please hurry,” the woman said to 911. “He’s running away, please hurry.”

When asked if it was her boyfriend, she said, “He was supposed to be. But you hurry up or I’m going to kill him. I’m going to (expletive) kill him.”

The woman then followed him in a vehicle, according to the warrant. She gave a physical description of him wearing a blue sweater and blue jeans.

There was then a sound on 911 “like something was hit” and then screaming.

The woman said to 911, “Please get an ambulance.”

The 911 operator asked, “For what?”

“He’s in the alley. He just got in front of my car. He just got in front of my car, sir,” she answered.

“Did you hit him with the car?”

She answered, “Yes, he jumped right in front of my car. He jumped right in front of my car, sir.”

She told 911 he was OK and still moving.

Police on Wednesday said by the time officers arrived, Delmer-Ortiz was not on scene.

In March, there was a forensic interview of the daughter who was elementary-school age. She described sexual abuse in detail.

In April, police located Delmer-Ortiz by phone.

He told an investigator he did nothing wrong and was innocent. He agreed to come in for an interview but did not show up, the arrest warrant said.

As of Wednesday, Delmer-Ortiz remained in the Lubbock County Detention Center. His bond was not yet listed.

Special Note: The online jail records described the man’s name as Orlando Delmer-Ortiz. The police report and arrest warrant listed him as Delmer Orlando Ortiz-Licona.