FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — The City of Fayetteville is looking for companies to help get people around downtown easier. The application process is now open for vendors looking to rent electric bicycles and scooters in Fayetteville.

A recently passed ordinance allows companies to rent bikes and scooters to the public in the downtown area.

“There are plenty of vendors interested and we want to ensure we brought the best quality product to the residents to help support the vibrant downtown area we have in Fayetteville,” Loren Bymer, Spokesman City of Fayetteville said.

Initially, the idea got a mixed reaction from the public. There are concerns about safety and other issues. City leaders said all concerns will be taken into consideration. City leaders are now focused on finding the right vendor for the city as the vendor application deadline is November 1.

“And based on the vendors’ timeline of themselves will determine on how quickly we can actually implement these in Downtown Fayetteville,” Bymer said.

This is a one-year pilot program for the bikes and scooters. After the year, the city council will revisit the ordinance.