Two Wisconsin police officers were treated with Narcan after they were  exposed to a white powder during an arrest, WITI reports.

Glendale police were taking part in a routine arrest in a mall parking lot May 25.

Police believed a man and woman were in stolen vehicle and cuffed them. While searching the woman’s purse, an officer found drug paraphernalia. 

It’s not until a short time later that an officer realizes something else might have been in the purse. 

“You did not get exposed to Fentanyl did you?” a female officer can be heard asking on body camera footage. 

The woman who owned the purse denied she did drugs but the officer’s symptoms appear to get worse. 

“I’m also like paranoid because I’ve already had one exposure,” the affected officer said. 

They go back to the station where another officer begins to experience similar symptoms. 

Both were treated with Narcan and transported to the hospital. 

Both are OK and the white powder is being tested. 

The woman has yet to be charged  but the man was charged with retail theft.