MIAMI (AP) – A small plane has crashed on a bridge near Miami, striking an SUV and bursting into flames.

The Federal Aviation Administration reported the single-engine Cessna 172 lost power just before Saturday’s crash. WFOR-TV reported that at least six people were injured in the crash around 1 p.m.

Social media posts showed the plane burning on the bridge. Drone video showed the plane crumpled on the Haulover Inlet Bridge with a damaged SUV nearby.

A man can be seen on the video scrambling from the plane and being helped away by others just before the aircraft was engulfed in flames.

Smoke and fire could be seen rising from the wreckage at 108 Street and Collins Avenue near Haulover Beach, according to WFOR.

Miami-Dade Rescue said two people on the plane were taken to a trauma center and three others with non-life-threatening injuries were taken to a hospital.