American public more closely divided on social issues, than economic, poll says

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(WNCN) — The American public seems to be more closely divided on social issues than economic issues, according to a new poll by Gallup.

Researchers found that those who were polled identify nearly equally as socially liberal (34 percent), moderate (35 percent), or conservative (30 percent).

However, Americans lean decisively conservative on economic issues, with 41 percent identifying their economic views this way versus 25 percent as liberal and 34 percent as moderate.

Gallup’s findings are from the company’s annual Values and Beliefs poll, conducted May 3-18.

According to Gallup, this is the first year since 2001 that more Americans have identified as liberal than as conservative when it comes to social issues.

Though the four percent gap isn’t large in the grand scheme, it represents a shift in views among the U.S. public becoming more liberal over time.

Researchers found that in most years between 2001 to 2012, Americans were sharply more conservative when it came to social issues, in fact by 12 percentage points on average.

The margin shrunk in 2013 to 5 percent and since then it has remained in the single digits or tied between social conservatives and social liberals.

Conversely, conservative views have continued to be the leading ideology among Americans since 2001. In fact, liberal economic views have remained the minority among conservatives and moderates, though the margin is narrowing.

According to researchers, about 18 percent of Americans polled identified as liberal in 2019. That number is up to 25 percent in 2021. However, conservatives have held steady at about 40 percent while moderates have declined slightly.

View Gallup’s full findings here.

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