Amtrak suspends Hoosier State line ticket sales

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LAFAYETTE, Ind. (CBS NEWSPATH) – Amtrak’s Hoosier State line from Indianapolis to Chicago may not continue after July 1.

The company has suspended ticket sales after June 30.

According to Amtrak, right now there is no funding in Indiana’s state budget.

Some customers we spoke with hope that changes.  
Victoria Woeste is a customer who loves riding the train, particularly the Hoosier State line.

“For me, it’s been an honest to goodness life saver,” she said.

This line saves money on her commute to Chicago each week for work.

“Parking anywhere in Chicago for two hours is going to cost you as much as a one way train ticket,” said Woeste.

She does not even mention gas money and traffic. That’s why Woeste doesn’t understand why the state doesn’t have the Hoosier State line in the current budget proposals.

“It’s a drop in the bucket of the overall budget of the state, you know, $3 million per year for two years, that’s what we are talking about,” she said.

This route doesn’t just help out people in this area. It goes from Indianapolis to Chicago.

Woeste believes there should absolutely be more than just Interstate 65 connecting those two cities.

State Rep. Chris Campbell (D) agrees. That’s why she proposed an amendment in the House.

“When it comes to public transportation options, we are getting less and less. We can’t continue to just pour money into our roads that continue to become just overcrowded,” Campbell said.

Woeste says she’s been telling people to call the governor to get the funding back. However, she hasn’t had much luck doing that herself.

“I’ll pass that along to the governor, thank you for calling. And then I say, ‘Well, would you like my name? My phone number? Do you want to know that I’m an Indiana resident?’ And the answer is no, that doesn’t matter,” said Woeste.

However, Woeste says it should matter because it matters to the people riding this line.

She also says it will be a real loss to her personally.

Without the line, Woeste is going to take the train one way and catch an airport shuttle back.

“Which is a heck of a lot less convenient and frankly not nearly as comfortable. And it’s also like three times as expensive,” she said.

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