RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Everyone loves a great deal when they shop, and there may be a lot of opportunities for that in advance of the traditional holiday shopping season this year.

That’s because there’s a lot of buzz in retail circles and reports about the possibility of another Amazon Prime Day arriving soon.

Amazon just held a two day-prime event in mid-July, but there are indications the internet-based retailer is about to launch a second prime day in October—making it the first time they’ll be two of those events in one calendar year.

When the time comes for the next Amazon Prime day, what can you expect for bargains?

You’ll always see the deepest discounts on Amazon related products,” said Meredith Gallo of BestReviews. 

(By way of transparency, BestReviews is owned by Nexstar, the parent company of CBS17).

Gallo, who is the head of the testing lab at BestReviews says those bargains would include things like Amazon’s Kindle and Halo Fitness tracker.

She said discounts could also include products like kitchen appliances as well as robotic vacuum cleaners. But, there’s even more.   

Historically, over the past couple of Prime Days in years past, in addition to big ticket items, “there’s been more discounts on everyday products, things like cleaning supplies,” said Gallo. 

Having a second Prime Day event so close to the holiday shopping season could also allow people to better manage their cash as everyone continues to deal with the impacts of inflation. 

“You can get ahead of your holiday shopping and really spread out your budget for a couple of months,” said Gallo. 

As it did in July, if and when the second Prime Day hits, BestReviews will offer live updates on best Amazon deals as part of this special website page which remains active today.

For this second prime day possibility, BestReviews is also planning live updates on so-called  “lightning deals” which Gallo says require a special shopping technique. 

“The best way to approach those is to keep putting products in your cart throughout the day,” said Gallo. “Then, check to see if they go on sale.”  If they then become part of a lightning sale, then choose “buy this product.”

After getting indications in mid-summer about a second Prime Day, Gallo says her lab team began purchasing items to test and review including lots of headsets, electronics, and tools. 

When Amazon has a Prime Day event, other retailers also follow suit. 

A second Prime Day in October could mean lots of online discounts across the retail spectrum, much earlier than the traditional black Friday sales in November.