ST. PAUL, MN (WNCN) – Dairy Queen cannot stop W.B. Mason Co. from selling bottled water under the name “Blizzard,” a federal judge ruled, Fox 9 reports.

The decision by U.S. District Judge Susan Richard Nelson was made public on June 17 where she said there was a lack of evidence to show consumers were confused by the blizzards.

Fox 9 reports Dairy Queen first used the Blizzard name in 1946. It also has five Blizzard trademarks.

Dairy Queen said W.B. Mason was not a competitor but the use of Blizzard with bottled water would confuse its U.S. customers since the eatery also sells bottled water.

Nelson said the products had “very different audience appeal.”

With the ruling, W.B. Mason can continue selling Blizzard bottled spring water, which it has done since 2010, and Blizzard copy paper. 

Fox 9 reports court documents show there have been zero reports of customers being confused between the “blizzards.”