SMITHSBURG, Md. (WJZ/WNCN) – An ex-police officer in Baltimore County was found shot dead Thursday along with his two daughters he was accused of kidnapping and an accomplice who was a sergeant with the police department, CBS Baltimore reported.

Robert Vicosa, his two daughters, and Sgt. Tia Bynum were found dead from gunshot wounds inside a vehicle in Smithsburg, Maryland, sources told CBS Baltimore. Vicosa had been on the run since Monday. He was accused of attacking his estranged wife in Pennsylvania, taking her captive, and running away with their two daughters.

Vicosa was fired from the Baltimore County Police Department in August. He was wanted for kidnapping, armed carjacking, simple assault, and robbery, police said.

According to CBS Baltimore, investigators believed Vicosa was assisted by Bynum, who was a Baltimore County police sergeant and close friend.

The two developed a plot over the weekend to terrorize Vicosa’s estranged wife, according to court documents obtained by CBS Baltimore. They drugged her, tied her up, and left her in the house for hours.

The two then took off with the two girls, who were 6 and 7 years old.

Bynum became a part of the investigation after Vicosa’s phone was traced to her home. Police said she was “less than forthcoming” during an interview Monday and refused to allow her home to be searched. She was suspended from duty, CBS Baltimore reported.

The two were accused of carjacking someone in the area of Cockeysville, Maryland on Wednesday.