COLUMBUS, Ohio (WNCN) – At least five people called 911 to report a man, now identified as NFL quarterback Dwayne Haskins, when he was struck by a dump truck trying to cross Interstate 595 in Florida on April 9.

But none was more bone-chilling than his wife who called from Pittsburgh.

Kalabrya Haskins was not with him on his training trip to Florida with his new Steelers teammates, but she did know he was supposed to call her back, despite it being the early morning hours of Saturday.

“He said he was going to call me back after he was done putting the gas in,” she told the 911 operator. “(I’m calling) I just wanted somebody to go into the area to see if his car is there and if he is OK.”

The 911 operator asked Kalabrya if she could finely tune Dwayne’s location, which she said she had because of Apple iPhone’s app locator. She identified I-595 as the major highway by the side streets he was closest to, according to the app.

After doing so, the 911 operator asked Kalabrya “not to panic.”

The operator informs her there has been an incident on the highway and that units, such as EMS, are already on scene thanks to other people calling in and reporting what they saw.

As Kalabrya began to ask further questions, however, the operator said they could not confirm any further details until those units communicated further with them. Instead, the operator takes a callback number, and before hanging up, Kalabrya is heard praying, almost as if on repeat, while in tears.

Kalabrya Haskins’ 911 call was the fifth and final call released by authorities. Prior to hers, four others were released.

They have helped build the story of the head-scratching tragedy of the 24-year-old’s death with the most recent details indicating he stepped out of his vehicle to go get gas.

The first call identified a man lying near the median in the highway and they were trying to block other cars from hitting him.

The second confirmed the location of the body with “blood everywhere”. At this point, the 911 operator confirmed crews had been dispatched to the scene.

The third caller said they had tried to report the incident earlier but was disconnected. However, upon going back by the scene, saw other bystanders and think others called in the incident. The caller also mentioned the body on the road.

Finally, the fourth caller said there was no car crash and that it was a man walking. They also said it was clear by the look of the body that the victim had died.

Hours later, NFL inside Adam Schefter broke the news of Dwayne Haskins’ death on Twitter.

His funeral will take place at a church in Pittsburgh on Friday, followed by a celebration of life.

Nexstar Media Wire contributed to this story.