RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — If there’s any time of year to tuck away the New Year’s resolutions and bring out the cash, it’s got to be Girl Scout cookie season.

Girl Scouts across the country are setting up stands once again and will continue to sell their lineup of iconic cookies through April. That lineup does have one new addition in 2023 — the Raspberry Rally.

This new cookie looks very similar to the Thin Mint with a chocolatey coating, but underneath is a pink, raspberry-flavored crispy cookie.

This is also the only cookie sold by Girl Scouts this year to be sold exclusively online and shipped directly to your home.

This new method will “allow Girl Scouts to learn new skills and build their ecommerce business,” according to the organization’s website.

(AP Photo/Susan Montoya Bryan, File)

A release from Girl Scouts of America said the community-supported cookie sales represent the world’s largest entrepreneurial program for girls. It’s a program known for developing life skills in young girls such as money management, people skills, goal setting and decision making.

Funds raised from cookie sales each year go toward experiences such as service projects, troop travel and summer camps.

Want cookies and don’t know anyone with your local troop? Check out the online cookie finder.