Horses recovering after being found in ‘torturous conditions’, trapped by piles of manure

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METHUEN, Mass. (CNN) — Two horses are recovering at a Massachusetts farm after they were found trapped in stalls filled with manure.

The horses’ former owner, Nancy L. Golec, is facing animal cruelty charges in what one equine rescuer says is the worst case of neglect he’s seen in nearly 40 years.

Shakira and Tia are recovering at the Nevins farm in Methuen after being rescued from being trapped in their stalls by deep piles of manure. Their backs had sores from rubbing against the rafters.

“I’ve never had to dig a horse out of a barn,” Roger Lauze of MSPCA at Nevins Farm said.

Lauze said it’s the worst case of neglect he’s seen in his 40-year career.

“When I first went there, what was going through my mind was how could somebody do this,” he said. “I don’t understand it, I don’t know how somebody can do this.”

The most damaging result: the horses hooves were allowed to grow out of control, making it nearly impossible to walk and leading to bone deformity.

Tia is facing an especially challenging uphill battle.

“Our goal is to make her sound enough to be a pasture pet type thing,” Lauze said. “We’re not sure she’ll ever be able to be ridden again. Shakira we have much higher hopes that she will be able to be ridden again.”

The Nevins Farm team will continue to rehabilitate both horses in hopes that they can be placed for adoption.

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