Mom of 2 still missing after man found dead in Texas lake

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DALLAS, Texas (CBS Newspath) — Divers with Dallas police searched by hand looking for a gun in a lake Monday.

They joined a Texas game warden trio to also search by boat — also looking for missing mother Weltzin Garcia.

Teams found neither. Who they did find Sunday was the reason for Monday’s search.

Alfonso Hernandez’ body was found at this same lake Sunday, KTVT reported.

Hernandez and Weltzin Garcia are the parents of two children together and they were last seen February 5 in Grand Prairie.

Police knew there were domestic abuse claims.

“Alfonso has some anger issues, but we didn’t know that this was going to happen,” said Weltzin Garcia’s sister Atziry Garcia.

Hernandez’ car was found in a parking lot at the lake.

But he and Weltzin Garcia remained missing, until the discovery of Hernandez’ body on Sunday.

“Alfonso has some anger issues, but we didn’t know that this was going to happen,” said Weltzin Garcia’s sister Atziry Garcia.

Atziry Garcia says Hernandez may have harmed himself. but she refuses to believe a search of the lake will find her twin sister.

“We know she’s not going to be there,” the sister said. “We know she’s alive. I can feel it, she’s alive. She’s alive, and I know 100 percent sure she’s alive.”

Dallas police completed searching the lake and said they see no reason to return.

Grand Prairie police still have a missing person case – and the only logical place to search was the lake.

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