Mom warns about aerosol cans in cars after explosion in teen daughter’s car

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ST. LOUIS (CNN Newsource/ KTVI) — A mother is warning people not to leave aerosol cans in hot cars.

That’s after one exploded in her daughter’s car, blowing out the sunroof and leaving broken glass everywhere.

The aerosol can ended up 50 feet away after the explosion.

St. Louis mom Christine Debrect says when her husband first noticed the damage to their teen daughter’s car they couldn’t figure out what happened.

And when they got a look inside they were still without answers.

“It looked like a tornado hit the inside of the car,” Debrecht said.

The parents later realized residue throughout the car was dry shampoo from an aerosol can that exploded.

The bottom piece to the can was blown out.

“If that had happened when she got in the car after work or got in the car to go somewhere, the glass itself would have been devastating,” Debrecht said.

The explosion was so powerful the car’s center console lid was blown off the hinges.

Her daughter just bought the car three months ago and used her own hard-earned money for a hefty down payment.

“Terribly upset. She looked hard for a car she wanted and could afford and it’s a real sporty Honda Civic hatchback and she was so thrilled about it, and she’s just heartbroken,” the mother said.

Debrecht said she is just relieved her 19-year-old daughter wasn’t hurt.

“I just want moms and kids to know this product they might be carrying could be dangerous and to not keep it in their car.”

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