Ohio trooper dies after childbirth; doctors say it’s more common than you may realize

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A family and law enforcement community is mourning the loss of an Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper who passed away last week due to complications after the birth of her second child.

It’s a devastating loss during a time that’s supposed to be one of the happiest in a person’s life.

Even in today’s world of modern medicine, doctors say the risk of something going wrong during childbirth is still there.

In a post on its website, the Ohio State Highway Patrol Retirees Association announced the passing of Trooper Alison Holmgren, who was assigned to the Ashtabula Post. They said the 38-year-old died as a result of complications following the birth of her second child on Feb. 15.

During the last few months of Holmgren’s pregnancy, she dispatched for the Warren post in Southington.

“I can’t even imagine. There’s really no words for what a family is going to endure when an event like this happens,” Dr. Anthony DeSalvo said.

DeSalvo has delivered about 5,000 babies in his career.

“The reality is that women still will die in labor from hemorrhage,” he said.

DeSalvo said in that, in the area, an average of one woman passes away from complications for every 5,000 deliveries. He said pregnancy-related mortality is an issue nationwide.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, nearly 700 women die each year in the U.S. as a result of pregnancy or delivery complications.

“It’s definitely a startling number for families that are involved with it,” DeSalvo said. “It’s one of those things you’re probably not aware of until it happens to somebody you know of.”

The Ohio State Highway Patrol’s Retirees Association said Holmgren’s baby girl was born healthy with no issues.

Funeral arrangements for Holmgren are still pending.

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