PETERS TOWNSHIP, P.A. (WTRF/WNCN) – A Pennsylvania convicted felon is in jail facing homicide charges after he claimed his baby died at a hospital following a fall on May 23.

Jordan Clarke of Washington County, Pennsylvania, said he got stuck in a plastic grocery bag while carrying his baby in his home, sources said. Clarke told various news outlets he was making formula when he got stuck and fell with the child in his arms.

The baby was taken to Children’s Hospital and died the next day.

News outlets reported that the criminal complaint, according to the doctor, said the baby’s injuries were “gravely concerning for physical abuse.” It also said that the child “has no evidence of underlying medical condition which would result in these injuries”.

The baby had subdural hematomas over both sides of the brain, multiple layers of retinal hemorrhages in both eyes and in all four quadrants, and possible fractures to both tibias, according to the doctor.

Further, Clarke’s father and sister, who was reported to be living with him and his child said they both did not see him fall on the baby.

Following further investigation, WTRF reported Clarke is officially charged with criminal homicide, aggravated assault and child endangerment. 

According to court records obtained by WTRF and other sources, Clark is a convicted felon after previously pleading guilty to two separate burglaries and felony theft.