LANCASTER, Ky. (CNN/WLEX) — Relatives attending a service for a loved one say they found a camera inside one of the funeral home’s restrooms.

But the family that runs the Kentucky funeral home says there’s a reason for the camera.

A woman related to those who found the camera tells WLEX-TV they were attending a funeral last month at the Spurlin Funeral Home in Garrard County.

She says a father and child went to the restroom and found a camera placed on a wall under an air freshener.

Another relative checked the device, and the woman says it had a memory card on the back.

The woman says the family is extremely upset.

“It’s just not the camera in the bathroom. It’s the fact that it was being watched at that time. That’s what’s startling.”

A spokesperson for the funeral home says the camera was being used to check for suspected drug use by one of its workers.

The funeral home’s owner said they were “trying to fix a problem and keep the community safe.”

Garrard County police are investigating the incident.