ASPEN HILL, M.D. (WNCN) – Police in Maryland arrested a man they said used his position within an Alcoholics Anonymous chapter to sexually assault a woman. Officers are now concerned there may be other victims.

On Dec. 27, police in Montgomery County, Maryland, received a report about a sexual assault that happened three days prior. Detectives determined that the victim had joined a local Alcoholics Anonymous chapter about 10 weeks prior, according to a news release.

Police said the chapter’s group leader, Michael Joseph Weschler Jr., befriended the victim. He invited her to his home to help with her treatment and required acts of service. While at his house, the victim said Weschler sexually assaulted her.

Investigators are concerned Weschler may have used his position to sexually assault other women. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Montgomery County Police Department at 240-773-5050.