ORLANDO, Fl. (WKMG/CBS Newspath) — An Orlando waitress is being hailed a hero after helping a boy escape from a possibly abusive home.

Police say Flavaine Carvalho was working at Mrs. Potato Restaurant on New Year’s Day when she noticed a family walk in. A man, woman, 11-year-old boy, and four-year-old girl. The boy had bruises on his face and arms.

After they ordered food, Carvalho says the man, Timothy Wilson II would not allow the boy to order anything.

Carvalho wrote a note that said, “Do you need help?” She says she stood behind the adults so they couldn’t see her when the boy signaled, “Yes” that he needed help.

Carvalho called police who arrived and arrested Wilson on one count of 3rd Degree Child Abuse.

Police say additional interviews with the boy revealed other mistreatment. They say he told them he’d been hung upside down from a door and beaten with a broom. He told police he was punished by not being given food.

Wilson was arrested a second time on Jan. 6 and charged with multiple counts of Aggravated Child Abuse and Child Neglect.

The boy’s mother Kristen Swann was also arrested and charged with two counts of Child Neglect.