Trump suggests he may hold 5 rallies a day as election approaches

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PHOENIX, AZ (WNCN) — Before departing for a rally in Tucson, President Trump told reporters that emotionally he is campaigning while angry, happy, and very content.

He also says he may do up to five rallies a day as election day approaches.

“I might. The last two or three days, we may go to five,” the president said after being asked would he do five rallies a day.

Trump also commented on how the stock market is doing and how the country is doing amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Yeah, I think that we’re winning over voters by having such a success. Look, our stock market is almost at the all-time high in our history. And that’s with a pandemic. And I know you don’t like saying this, but — and I believe we’re rounding the turn on the pandemic very substantially and the vaccines will come out,” Trump said. “But with all of this, we have the best 401(k)s we’ve ever had. We’ve had the best stocks, the best stock market, which is — you know, whether you like stock market or not, it’s a leading indicator — the all-time leading indicator. And many people have stocks. But whether they have stocks or 401(k)s, so — you know, I mean, we’re doing incredibly well.”

The president also took aim at his opponent, Joe Biden, calling him a corrupt politician and lobbying for an investigation into Biden’s son, Hunter.

“Joe Biden is a corrupt politician, and you people aren’t covering that, and that’s not fair,” Trump said. “The FBI should be investigating [Hunter Biden]. I don’t know if they are or not, but they should be investigating him. And you’ll have to call Wray and ask him. But that is — and why did they have those — and did they have it? Did they have that laptop for a long time and not do anything with it?”

After resuming large campaign events, the president also said his stamina has been good after recovering from the coronavirus.

“I feel great. I don’t think anybody can do what I do. You know when you get up in front of that many people. You saw that crowd. You were there. When you get up before that many people three or four times a day, there aren’t too many people that can do that. And I really have no problem doing it. I’m doing it because it’s important to do. I have to do it,” Trump said.

Read the president’s full remarks before his Arizona departure here.

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