Trump suggests he can ‘give every woman and every man a kiss’ and not catch coronavirus

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LANSING, MI — During his rally in Michigan on Tuesday, President Trump addressed immunity after recovering from the coronavirus.

After recovering from the virus himself, the president claimed he could jump into the crowd and kiss anyone without being reinfected because of immunity.

“I can jump – see this crowd right here. I can jump right in. I can give, I can give every woman and every man – I’d even kiss the man – I can give you every woman and every man right here a kiss and I wouldn’t catch it. I have immunity,” the president said.

He went on to criticize doctors for giving mixed messaging on the length of immunity. He says they told him he would be protected for four months, rather than a lifetime.

“But we know things that we didn’t know. We didn’t know. We had no idea about much of this stuff. You see mortality rate. You see where that is now and people go in. You get better. They say you have immunity that you can go in. And until I came along, you used to hear you have immunity for life right? As soon as I had it and got better, they were not too happy about that. They said the speed, this guy got better. But you know as soon as I had it and got better, I said I had immunity. It was supposed to be for life. When it was me they said it’s only good for four months. Okay? Anybody else it’s for life. With Trump they said it’s four months. So they brought it down now, immunity from life to four months,” he said.

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