HOMESTEAD, Fla. (CNN Newsource) –Some US farmers are destroying their crops over a lack of demand from restaurants that have become takeout or delivery only during coronavirus shutdowns.

And some dairy farmers are dumping fresh milk that would normally go to schools that are now closed.

But the American Farm Bureau and “Feeding America” want to get those wasted products into food banks.

They’re proposing a voucher program that would let farmers and food banks work together directly, instead of going through a third party.

The proposed USDA-run voucher system would send farm products to food banks while helping farmers and ranchers recoup costs from lost markets.

The idea was sent to the USDA in a letter.

The agency has not yet responded.

The proposal comes as millions of newly unemployed people flood food banks, pantries and soup kitchens.

Feeding America says the need is great, with US food banks reporting a 40-percent increase in demand.