(NEXSTAR) – Tropical Storm Philippe, which drenched the Caribbean Wednesday, is on a path to potentially impact the northeastern U.S. later this week.

The storm was projected to reach northeastern states Saturday afternoon into evening, before moving into Canada on Sunday, according to the National Hurricane Center’s 5 p.m. outlook on Wednesday.

If Philippe stays on track and hits New England, the primary concern would be heavy rain.

“Bringing all this tropical moisture – especially this late in the season – up into the Northeast, if this materializes and stays on track, it could be a big rainmaker,” said Jamie Rhome, deputy director of the National Hurricane Center, told FOX in an interview.

  • National Hurricane Center's update on Tropical Storm Philippe
  • National Hurricane Center's update on Tropical Storm Philippe

With so many days between now and the storm’s potential landfall on the continental U.S., its path and strength are likely to change. “Interests in eastern New England and Atlantic Canada should monitor the progress of Philippe,” the Hurricane Center wrote.

Before it reaches New England, it’s expected to impact Puerto Rico, dumping up to 4 inches of rain. A tropical storm warning was also issued for Bermuda, with Philippe is expected to approach the island late Thursday and Friday as it was forecast to intensify slightly in the coming days.

“The intensity forecast remains murky,” the hurricane center said.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.