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Woman arrested for threatening to stab deputies, drink their blood

FAIRMONT, W.Va. (WBOY) - A West Virginia woman was arrested after attempting to steal a vehicle and threatening to kill deputies.

Jackie Fullmer, 37, of Fairmont is accused of approaching a man in the parking lot of the Little General store on East Grafton Road and attempting to take his vehicle keys, according to the Marion County Sheriff's Department.

The victim told deputies that Fullmer said she wanted the keys and said she didn't want to hurt him. Witnesses told deputies that Fullmer was armed with a hatchet and a knife and ran from the scene when she saw people watching the confrontation, which deputies were able to confirm by watching security footage.

Deputies found Fullmer on a staircase near the scene with the hatchet and knife. After a brief chase, Fullmer ran at one of the deputy's cruisers with the hatchet in hand, according to court documents. The deputy, who was getting out of his cruiser at the time, tased Fullmer and was able to detain her, deputies said.

While on the way to the Fairmont Police Department, deputies said Fullmer threatened to stab them in the neck and "watch our blood drain as she drank it." When they arrived at the station, a knife was found hidden in Fullmer's buttocks, and deputies noticed that the seatbelt in the cruiser had been cut. Fullmer admitted to cutting the seatbelt with the knife she had hidden.

Fullmer is charged with attempted robbery and threats of terroristic acts.

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