RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – When it comes to scams, we all are vulnerable to them, and the North Carolina attorney general says complaints about scams are on the rise.

Attorney General Josh Stein has released a list of It the top 10 Scams that his office says plagued North Carolinians in 2021.

More than 28,000 complaints were logged by Stein’s consumer protection specialists last year, and not surprisingly, robocalls were the number one issue with over 10,000 complaints.

Stein tells CBS 17 significant relief against robocallers is now underway.

“Just yesterday, we filed an important case against a phone company called ‘ARTICUL8’ out of Texas,” he said. “They’re a gateway provider that actually allows all the international robocall traffic to use its system to inundate our phones”

Besides robocalls, the attorney general’s office received more than 1,300 complaints about price gouging, due in large part to several emergency situations occurring last year.

“That was because of winter storms, the Colonial Pipeline shutdown and COVID,” he said. “Whenever there’s some emergency is when we see an uptick in price gouging complaints.”

Problems with utilities generated more than 1,900 complaints but not all of them were about scams. Sometimes they were overbilling or service issues.

“A lot of times we can resolve some frustration that exists,” said Stein. “That’s why we encourage people to file complaints whenever they’re having a challenge even when it’s a legitimate company and not a scam.”

When it comes to making a complaint, Stein offers some guidelines.

He said you should file a written complaint online when you’re trying to resolve a past issue, but If there’s an urgent question you should call 877-5-NO-SCAM instead.

“Talk to one of our specialists and ask them, does this sound right to you?” said Stein. “It’s always better to stop a scam from occurring rather than to get relief after it’s occurred.”

One question Consumer Investigator Steve Sbraccia gets asked by scam victims who he refers to the attorney general’s office is: “will it do any good?”

Sbraccia found out that last year, the attorney general’s office recovered more than $1.6 million that had been lost to scams.

Want to know more about that? Check out this link to AG’s Annual Report to find out the details.