RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein kicked off his campaign tour in Raleigh Tuesday with hopes of becoming the state’s next governor.

“We must put our state, our home back on a solid foundation and we are going to restore North Carolina,” Stein told dozens of people at a rally at Shaw University. 

He spoke to the crowd about investing in infrastructure and jobs.

“We must continue to grow our economy and the number of good paying jobs, we have to tackle the high cost of living, raise the minimum wage and cut taxes for working families,” said Stein.  

He also talked about his success as attorney general for the state and his efforts to combat the Opioid Epidemic, help survivors of sexual assault, and fight against gerrymandering. He also took aim at Lieutenant Governor, Mark Robinson, who is also running. “

“By my work, I have shown you what type of governor I would be but Mark Robinson, my likely opponent, has told you he would be. He disputes the 2020 election results. I say that is a big dangerous lie and that Mark Robinson is wrong,” said Stein.  

Governor Roy Cooper, who has endorsed Stein, also attended Tuesday’s event.

“Republicans who want this office won’t stop at just undoing our progress, they will cow tow to this republican legislature, they will push us backward tearing down more of the rights and freedoms that we all hold so dear,” said Cooper.