NC awarded $18.6 million in Dish Network lawsuit


NEW YORK (AP) — An Illinois judge on Monday ordered satellite-TV company Dish to pay $280 million for calling people who said they didn’t want to be bothered by telemarketers.

Attorney General Josh Stein announced that North Carolina will receive $18.6 million as a result of the lawsuit against Dish Network. North Carolina entered into the lawsuit with three other states and the federal government.

This is the largest do-not-call related penalty ever obtained. Some of the $18.6 will go to North Carolina schools, Stein said in a news release.

“The do-not-call registry was created to prevent this type of aggressive telemarketing,” Stein said. “My office will bring action against companies that try to circumvent these laws and contact people who have signed up for the registry.”

The court found that Dish “caused millions and millions of violations of the Do Not Call Laws.” Telemarketers are barred from calling people who have joined federal or state do-not-call registries or who’ve asked companies to leave them alone.

The Justice Department said the $280 million penalty will go to the U.S., California, Illinois, North Carolina and Ohio.

Dish Network Corp. says it will appeal the ruling. It says the penalties are unfairly large and it’s being held responsible for telemarketing done by contractors, who in some cases hid what they were doing from Dish.

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