CAROLINA SHORES, N.C. (WECT) – A confirmed EF-2 tornado left at least three homes a total loss in Carolina Shores early Thursday Morning. The storm traveled four miles at about 120 mph and ripped apart the communities in its path.

“It’s not something you expect here,” said homeowner Alan Lehman. “We’re used to hurricanes, floods, high tides things like that but not tornadoes, no.”

There is a stretch of about six homes in The Farm community in Brunswick County that seem to have received the most damage, but the tornado cleared a path that left backyards battered, windows blown out and multiple families without a home to call their own.

Lehman’s home managed a little better then some of the others, but he and his wife are still left to clean up glass on the floors and water damage through their walls. Lehman has been here before. His home was also damaged during Hurricane Florence almost a year ago.

“It was a lot of work get all that done and now we’re going to have to re-do it,” said Lehman. “Next is get a repairman here and start getting the house rebuilt.”

For other families it won’t be that easy. Roofs were torn off the houses and rain water seeped in as Hurricane Dorian stormed through hours after the tornado hit.

With all the damage, residents believe there is a silver lining: the support from the community around them. Lehman said the offers of help he has received since the storm have been overwhelming with everybody jumping in trying to make a difference.

The Farm community has a lot of hard work and repair to do, but they are hoping for sunshine and clear skies from here on out.

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