NC couple to wear wedding dress, tuxedo to Panthers game after wedding

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) – A Charlotte couple is planning a special wedding weekend by getting married on Saturday and a trip to watch the Panthers in playoff action Sunday – in their wedding attire.

Kevin Vaughan and his fiancee, Jennifer Woiderski, both moved to Charlotte several years ago, separately, to be closer to family.

“Both of our families started to think of both of us as forever single,” Vaughan joked. “My grandmother told me that she just assumed I was going to be a bachelor for life.”

A chance encounter on a night out with friends changed the course of his life.

Vaughan has just officiated the wedding of a friend, when a group from the wedding decided to go out for night on the town in uptown Charlotte.

Meanwhile, a girl named Jennifer had friends in town and the group wanted to go to a bar with no cover charge.

The pair ended up at the same place.

“I was kind of standing off to the side near the dance floor,” Vaughan recalls. She decided to approach him and the two hit it off. “She said I seemed safe,” he joked.

Within a few weeks, Jennifer had him involved in a 5K run.

“I’d never run before. I’d never thought about running before,” he said. “But that’s what she does. She makes me want to be better – my health and as a person.”

The couple joined with several running clubs and eventually ran several times a week with the NoDa running club. Afterward, they would go play trivia.

After dating a while, the pair began to talk about marriage and their future.

“Everyone thought I was going to propose on a cruise we were going on together, but Jennifer said she wanted to be surprised when it happened,” Vaughan said. “So I did it after one of our group runs before Valentine’s Day.”

He made sure that his shoe would be untied at the end of the run, so that he could bend down and propose.

Because the city means so much to the pair, they decided to have the wedding in uptown Charlotte.

“When we saw Roof with a View, we knew it was the perfect place,” Vaughan said. “The view of Charlotte is perfect. If we are going to have people come to Charlotte to be part of our wedding, we want them to enjoy the view.”

It doesn’t hurt that the venue is right next to the Bank of America Stadium.

The wedding date was set before the Panthers 2015-16 schedule was released.

The first thing Vaughan, who has been buying season tickets from a friend with a PSL for a couple of years, noticed was the second week of the playoffs. Wedding weekend.

“When I realized at the beginning of the season that it was possible for a playoff game to be across the street from us on our wedding day, I talked with Jennifer about still going to the game, wearing our tux and dress,” he said. “It was an outside chance, I told her. We’d basically have to win almost every game in order for it to happen. She agreed to it. She’s a big fan, and at the time it seemed like maybe a 1% chance of happening.”

“Every week we told more and more people and I begged everyone to keep cheering harder, and every week the Panthers came out and kept pounding their way to win after win,” he said. “She agreed initially because it was a long shot. I thought the closer it came to being reality that she’d come back and say ‘no,’ but she kept cheering them on.”

Luckily for the couple, the game was scheduled for Sunday, instead of Saturday.

“Now we’ll be able to enjoy the entire game for the first day of our honeymoon, instead of squeezing in a quarter at most before having to run off to the venue,” Vaughan said.

But the couple still plans to be at the game – wedding dress, tuxedo and all.

“Starting our honeymoon off by cheering the Panthers on to their win,” Vaughan said.

Is he more nervous about the wedding or game?

“Neither. We have a great group of people helping us make sure the wedding is great – all Ts crossed and all Is dotted,” he said. “And the Panthers aren’t going to have any trouble beating the Seahawks.”

After the game, the couple plans to head down to Charleston for a mini-honeymoon and then plan to take a bigger honeymoon later in the year.Copyright 2016 WBTV. All rights reserved.

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