NC couple’s 2 vehicles stolen in 2 days

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HIGH POINT, N.C. (WFMY) — It started as a normal weekend for Kevan Brown.

“I come outside, I took the garbage out.”

Even if it was a little brisk.

“I stopped to crank my truck up because it was 36 degrees, just to let it warm up for a minute,” he explains.

He went back inside to say bye to his girlfriend.

“As soon as I come outside a few minutes later, my truck was gone.”

Kevan says their complex on River Birch Loop doesn’t have cameras, so they’re still stumped as who to who could have swiped his truck. But unfortunately, they believe the crooks came back the next morning.

“We went up to go to church and came out and her car was parked actually where my truck was parked the night before and it was gone.”

Kevan says his girlfriend’s spare keys were in his stolen truck and thinks the thief or thieves took advantage of that. With both of their cars missing, they reported it to police and have taken to social media to help gain some traction.

“It’s just a headache,” Brown says. “The whole thing. There’s nothing fun about it .”

Kevan and his girlfriend each picked up a rental car Monday but are worried their regular rides are gone with the wind.

“You kind of want to have a little bit of hope but you just think of all the scenarios that run through your head about who could have took it and why they took it.”

Brown says they reported both stolen vehicles to High Point police. One is a black Ford pick-up truck with license plate: EHC-8639. The other is a gray Honda Civic with a sticker on the back that says “Grip It; It’s Your Life.”

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