NC crews save woman from Jeep being swept away by flooding


BREVARD, N.C. (WSPA/WNCN) – The National Weather Service is reporting several closed roads due to flooding or mudslides in parts of Western North Carolina. 

According to the weather service, flooding has been reported around Brevard in Transylvania County.

Along Davidson River Road, the Transylvania County Rescue Squad was called in Friday afternoon to help a driver being swept away by flooding. 

Emergency responders deployed a boat and were able to reach the woman before her Jeep Wrangler was swept away the strong currents.

“She said that her car was actively moving with her on the 911 call, so that means the water had got under it enough to start lifting it so it could move it,” said Dale Whitlock, Chief of Transylvania County Rescue Squad.  

Whitlock told WSPA on the scene that the driver tried to continue driving down the road, which was visibly flooded because of a swollen river nearby.  It took first responders about 15 minutes before she was taken to safety. 

“We don’t have a choice when swift water comes because you’ve got a matter of minutes before water will actually swipe a vehicle away, so we have so we have to move quickly,” he said. 

Transylvania County Emergency Services also listed many roads that were flooded or blocked by a landslide:

Wilson Road at the water treatment plant end

Hannah Ford Road at the Calvert Road end

Island Ford Road between Walnut Hollow Road and Windover Drive

Cascade Lake Road at Merrill Lane

Green Road at the Hannah Ford Road end

Main Street in Rosman near the water treatment plant end

The entrance to the landfill is blocked on the Rosman Hwy end

Old Hendersonville Hwy is blocked between Osborne Road and Mountain Industrial Drive

Davidson River Road is closed on the Old Hendersonville Hwy end

Frozen Creek Road partially blocked by slide about 7 tenths mile from Rosman Hwy end

Turkey Pen Gap Road blocked at the bridge by water

Rosman Hwy has debris slide before Parkway Road intersection

Parkway Road has a slide blocking part of the road near Alligator Rock

Baynard Road blocked

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