NC Domino's refuses to deliver pizzas to area citing high crime, customers say

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WNCN) -- "We just wanna eat," says Bobbie Kanu.

Kanu and people who live and work in west Charlotte are outraged after the Domino's on 4th Street in Midtown refused to deliver to someone in the 1400 block of Beatties Ford Road.

The man who tried to order the pizza told WSOC-TV that Domino's said they wouldn't deliver because of the area's high crime rate.

"It's sad to say in 2017 a pizza company as dominant as Domino's will not deliver here," Kanu said.

WSOC-TV mapped crime in the area and discovered over the past four weeks there were 131 crimes within a mile of that stretch of Beatties Ford Road.

Of those, 60 crimes included robbery, assault, larceny, and burglary.

That's just four more crimes than the location of the Domino's, according to the WSOC crime map.

There's actually more major crimes -- with 72 -- in the area of the Domino's itself, the map indicated.

"You can go here, you could go to Ballantyne, you could go to Dilworth, you can go to 4th Street where they are located. Crime has no address," Kanu said

WSOC reached out to Domino's corporate and they said was it's up to each individual franchise to decide not to deliver to areas they feel are problematic.

Allen King is the owner of the Show and Tell barbershop along the corridor.

He says if Domino's refuses to deliver to his street, it's their loss.

"Do you like pizza? Do you like pizza? Do you like pizza? We like pizza, look at all the money they are losing," King said.

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