GRAHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — A North Carolina man and his mother are soon to be Hawaii-bound after an incredibly lucky string of events.

Ralph Mayton Jr. is a mechanic of more than 40 years and lives in Graham. He was on his way into the BP gas station on East Harden Street when he found a penny on the ground, facing heads up.

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“I always hear it’s good luck if it’s laying heads up and darn it if I don’t believe it now,” Mayton told lottery officials.

After grabbing that penny, he bought a $20 scratch off that took his luck to a whole other level. The 100X The Cash ticket got him the full jackpot of $66,982 plus an additional $200,000.

“I had no idea that I won the extra $200,000,” Mayton said. “My heart almost stopped I was so excited.”

Since his win fell just before Halloween, Mayton said when he told his mother about the win, she thought he was playing a trick on her—which has become tradition ever year. Pretty soon, she realized the win was no trick.

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After state and federal taxes were withheld, Mayton’s take-home winnings were $190,230.

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Lottery officials asked how he might spend the money.

He said it’ll go toward a mother and son trip to Hawaii. “That’s the only place she’s never been,” Mayton said. “And she deserves it, so I want to take her.”

As for that lucky penny, Mayton said, “I still got it in my pocket right now and I’m keeping it forever.”