RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — A group of 19 friends who have bowled together for years also have something else they play together — the Powerball lottery.

Each week, Bowling for Dollars pools their money to buy Powerball tickets.

“With everybody playing together, it was like, “Hey, let’s take a shot at this thing,'” said Marquis Poteat, a spokesman for the group.

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That activity recently paid off when the group bought a ticket that matched five of six of the game’s numbers from the Sept. 16 drawing — four white balls plus the Powerball number.

The $2 ticket was purchased at Friends Mart on Proctor Street in Zebulon by Stephanie Driggins, who doesn’t normally buy the tickets for the group but stepped in when the person who usually purchases them was out of town.

“I’m the one that bought the ticket, so when you guys get that little sign up in the window, just remember me,” Driggins said.

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Bowling for Dollars claimed their prize, which will be split 19 ways, on Wednesday. Though each member had different ideas on how they’d spend their winnings, they all agreed that some of it would go toward their bowling activities.

When asked if the group would keep playing the lottery, Poteat answered quickly.

“Oh yeah, absolutely.”