RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — A Raleigh man who won $200,000 in a second chance drawing on Wednesday said he had to read the email three times over.

Michael Harrington’s 6-digit winnings came as the result of the fifth and final Carolina Jackpot Second Chance drawing, according to NC lottery officials. In this drawing, players got a second chance with the tickets that didn’t previously win by scanning them and entering them into the drawing.

Talk about luck — Harrington’s ticket was only one of 4.1 million entries in the drawing.

“I’m in disbelief still,” Harrington said. “But I’m excited.”

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On Thursday, he went to collect his winnings at lottery headquarters where, after necessary taxes were withheld, Harrington got to take home $142,500.

With that money, Harrington told lottery officials he plans to take his mother on a cruise and pay for some bills.

“I was already planning to take her, but now she can have even more fun on the cruise,” he said.