NC man records as gas pump appears to charge him before dispensing any fuel


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) – A video making the rounds on Facebook appears to show a Belmont gas pump charging a customer for fuel that isn’t being dispensed.

Charlotte resident Arkevious Armstrong says last week he stopped for gas at the BP station near the intersection of Wilkinson Boulevard and Park Street in Belmont. He says he went inside and purchased $40 worth of gas, but when he returned to fill up his car, the pump had already begun charging him for gas that had yet to be dispensed.

“When I walked outside and put the items on the trunk of my car I noticed the pump was moving and the nozzle wasn’t squeezed, I wasn’t operating it,” explained Armstrong in an interview with WBTV. “I was like, ‘Why is thing moving and I haven’t even started it yet?’”

Armstrong says he started to film the pump’s electronic meter so he’d have proof of what was going on. In his video, he can be heard describing the situation.

“I’m not even squeezing the pump. I came out here and it’s moving,” Armstrong says while panning the camera from the nozzle to the pump.

The Charlotte resident said he chose to film the situation so he could show it to the employees at the gas station.

“I wanted them to see it for themselves. I didn’t want them to be like, ‘Well we didn’t see it so…’ I kept recording it and when the cashier came out and looked at it, it was still moving,” explained Armstrong.

He said a gas station employee took a look at the pump and ended up refunding him the money he had paid. He was left wondering if this had happened to other customers.

“To us, it’s just 30 cents. To the average person it’s just 30 cents, and you know they did reimburse me, but at the end of the day, how many people has this happened to and they not even realized it?” questioned Armstrong.

He posted his video of what happened on Facebook. To his surprise, it was shared more than a thousand times. He said he just wants to make people aware of situations like this.

“I just wanted to show people – keep an eye out. Be more careful, like if you’re going into the gas station and you’re getting gas, watch!” stated Armstrong emphatically.

WBTV reached out to BP Thursday regarding the alleged situation. A representative from the company confirmed that they were looking into Armstrong’s video, but no official response has been provided yet.

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