AYDEN, N.C. (WNCT) – Three family members, including a pastor, are accused of holding another relative captive against his will.

Police say they responded to the reported kidnapping at a home on Snow Hill Street. The victim, 45-year-old Alonzo Joe Best, told officers the trio had kept him in a residence on Lee Street against his will for several months.

Three people were charged in the incident:

Carolyn Best Shaw of Bethel was charged with Felonious Restraint and placed under a $10,000 secure bond.

Joseph Carroll of Ayden was charged with False Imprisonment and placed under a $5,000 secure bond.

Fredrick Best of Ayden was charged with Felonious Restraint and placed under a $10,000 secure bond. Chief Barry Stanley confirms with WNCT that suspect Frederick Best is a local pastor.

A website for the Unveiling Glory In Worship Ministries in Greenville lists Frederick Best as the pastor. It also lists Joseph Carroll as a pastor as well.

On Monday afternoon, Frederick Best posted a message about the incident on Facebook:

To all of my Facebook family and friends, I will be brief due to the nature of the ongoing investigation. I want it to be known that me and my family are not at all angry with the Ayden Police Department and its members. We understand they have a job to do. My family and I are not at all angry with my uncle, who suffers from mental illness, and is the original source of the allegations. We, like many other families, have had to grapple with the rigors of caring for a loved one in this state, oftentimes with little to no support. Unfortunately we have a mental health system that has not only let him down, but me and my family as well. If my arrest has prevented our loved one from committing suicide, from harming any member of the community, or shed light on the subject of mental illness and it’s shrinking resources, it was worth it. All those who have a praying relationship with the Lord, please pray for me and my family as we try our best and do the right thing for our uncle. We are strong and will get through this by the grace of God.

The case remains under investigation and further charges may be pending.