NC woman celebrates 103rd birthday, shares ‘rules’ to live by

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WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) – May 1 marked a very momentous milestone for Miss Mary Trail.

Dressed from head to toe in her favorite color, blue, she sat in the dining room of the Lakeshore Commons Retirement Community in the outfit carefully chosen to celebrate her big day.

“Cupcakes lined up one-oh-three. All in cupcakes!,” Trail explained to her pharmacist who stopped by her party.

Yes, you read that right, 103.

A celebration was certainly in order at Lakeshore Commons, where Trail lives on her own and considers home.

She doesn’t have any relatives left, but said the staff at Lake Shore is her family.

She also had quite a few visitors from around town drop in.

“My heart doctor was here, my dentist Dr. Crayton Smith, he was here,” Trail said.

It is not every day you meet someone who is 103, so we just had to ask for her secret to longevity.

“I don’t have a secret,” she said.

But she does have some rules to live by, taught to her by her father.

“The first one is I don’t drink alcoholic beverages because it destroys your liver, puts wrinkles on your face, and you could die. I never smoked because it destroys your lungs, it also puts wrinkles on your face and you could die. I like to treat others the way I like to be treated and be kind,” she said.

But she said one rule was more important than the rest.

“Believe in God because he created us and we didn’t get here by ourselves,” she said.

It is not Miss Mary’s rules that make her so loved by the Lakeshore staff, but her hugs, generously given out daily to anyone who wants one.

“Shes a million bucks. She takes care of everybody here and she always comes by my desk and says you know I’m missing something today and she gives me a hug. And she gives those northern hugs. She’ll use both her arms. She’s so independent. Nobody takes care of her, she takes care of herself,” said Terry Clever, who works at Lakeshore.

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